Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Survivor Reward Challenge (TIME SENSITIVE!)

Hey everyone!!! Do you know what today is??? Today is the season premier of "Survivor Philippines" !!! WHOO HOO!!! So in honor of it I am hosting a reward challenge open to everyone but it is TIME SENSITIVE!!!!

You have from right this very moment until 8 pm est tonight to go HERE and check out the cast for this seasons Survivor!!!
Leave me a comment on this post on who you think will be the first to have their torch put out! Any entries after 8 pm EST. tonight will NOT be counted!!!

If there is more then one person who guesses correctly I will draw a name out of a hat! Only fair way I can think of!!! EASY PEASY!! So what are you playing for? A lil something crafty from me!!! So I hope some of you will enter this very easy reward challenge!!! Can't wait to watch and see what happens!!!!

Until next time...
Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. I think first out is going to be Lisa! Can't wait to see Jeff Kent on survivor! (huge SF Giants fan here!)

  2. I think it might have to be the beauty queen, although beautiful, hmmm... Katie Hanson... it's a guess!

  3. Missed your cut off (posts to my e-mail a day later) ... but haven't watched the opening episode yet. It's on my DVR for when hubby can watch it with me. It's one of the few shows we enjoy together and he's been very busy. Can't wait! (Don't spoil it for me!!)

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey