Monday, July 1, 2013

We have a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry this is soooo late everyone!!!
The day got away from me!
But I am soooo happy to announce our winner!!!
But before I do..
In my book all 3 of these ladies are winners!
They all did a FABULOUS job and I'm super proud of them!!
Literally the vote was separate by 1 for first place...It was that close!!
But I am SOOOO happy to announce...
Linda Hoffman is our winner!!!
Great job, Linda!!!
I will get with you about your prize!!! :)
And here are the final projects from our other 2 "winners"!!!!
Ellen J

Melissa V
You two are not walking away empty handed!!
Prizes all around!!! :)
Thanks again to everyone who participated this season!!
Wouldn't be the same without you!!!
Til next time...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, June 29, 2013

And the Final 3 battle begins...

Hi everyone!!!
Thanks for sticking around and waiting! First things first... Daughter's softball team took 3rd in the tournament! Super proud of all their hard work!!!
Ok.. Now that that's outta the way here we go...
The finalists were asked to make 4 projects but you will only see 3 until the winner is announced! I will post all of their photos.. Feel free to comment but a jury is already in place to make the final vote! I wish all the ladies good luck! They've worked super hard and to me each one is a winner!! So here we go...

#1's projects

#2's Projects


#3's Projects
Well there you have it!! Didn't they do amazing?? SO proud of each of them!!!
I will announce the winner on Monday!!
Look for their final project and you'll see who wins!!!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Island is on vaca!!!

Hey everyone!
I meant to post this yesterday and didn't get a chance!
I've let all the finalists know already but we are postponing the finals until next weekend!
All projects are due to me by Friday June 28 at midnight!

My daughter's softball team made it to the tournaments and have won 2 games and lost one. After a season of only 2 wins I was just as shocked as anyone! Next game is in just a few minutes so I'm off!!!!
Go Hicksville Pharmacy!!!! :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Redemption had finished and FINAL CHALLENGE INFO!!!

Hello everyone!
Well Redemption Island has a winner and this crafter will be coming back to the mainland to join the other crafters in this season's FINAL challenge!!!
Here was the project that won redemption:
Beautiful Layout and perfect for today :)
So on to the last challenge...and boy is this gonna be a doozy ;)
Since it's the final before we crown our winner I will be issuing a few different projects to do! Because of this all projects will be DUE JUNE 21, 2013 by 11:59 pm. Any projects not turned in by then will not be able to be voted on! Make sure you turn in every project. 1 missing will get you torched immediately!!!
Ok on the projects...
#1- Same as last season.. I want to see a sign... Proclaiming you are the winner of Paper Craft Island Season #2. Make it out of whatever you'd like!
#2- A Layout... For Father's Day... and it must be all black, white, grey... Photos will be acceptable on this one! You do NOT have to have photos.. If you would rather just use photo mats to show where photos would go!
#3 - A Graduation Card. Could be a high school or a preschool...or anything else.. Doesn't matter.. BUT it must have ribbons on it somewhere!
#4- This you get to pick... Make ANYTHING to show WHY you are the best crafter here on the island!!!!
That's it.. (hehehe) You have basically over 3 weeks so these projects should be AWESOME!
Can't wait to see them!!!
I have a jury in place to vote for the winner this season!! They are a mix of people that have been on the Island with you as well as ones that have NOT been on the Island! :)
I figured this was the best way to prevent anyone from stacking the votes :)
Good luck to you all and I can't wait to see what you can do!!!! :)
Until then
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another crafter gets torched!

Good evening everyone! Sorry for the delay! It's been crazy hectic in my hut here lately! So lets get to it...
By a vote of 2-1 (immunity winner's vote does not count as there wasn't a tie!)
The crafter who will be leaving the main Island is...

We are sad to see #2 go...
She's going to redemption!
Her and the crafter who won the last battle will now battle it out head to head to see who can survive and come back to Island in our finals!
So for these 2 the challenge this week (due Saturday (May 25) night by 11:59 pm EASTERN)
is simply this...
With memorial day coming up I'd like to see a red, white, and blue layout honoring those who have given their all for this country!
There must be stars and an eagle OR flag somewhere on the layout!
Good luck ladies!!!
The remaining crafters have this week off!
BUT I will have them vote on who to bring back!!
Good luck ladies!!!
Until then...
hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Big Challenge Projects Revealed!

Good Mornin' Islanders!
Today is the day... Big Challenge Projects Revealed!! Another crafter will not survive this round! Oh me....Oh my... Another good-bye! Who will it be?? They had to make a Mother's Day Project that was vintage-y AND it had to have stars on it somewhere! OH MY! Talk about difficult but they all did an amazing job! Here are the projects!
Immunity Winner (can not be voted off but CAN be voted for Fan Favorite!)

Now on to the projects that can be both voted off/or voted for Fan Favorite!

It's gonna be tough on you crafters/Islanders to vote!
Crafters- I need to know (via email!) who you choose to be voted off of the Island!
Islanders (everyone else who isn't competing!) I need you to comment with your choice # for Fan Favorite!! If our Fan Favorite survives this week they will get a slight advantage in the Finals!! UBER important voting week!!!!! :)
All voted must be cast by Sunday night at 11:59 pm eastern!
Good luck to you all!!
Until Monday...
Hugs from the Island♥

Monday, May 13, 2013

Last Immunity Winner Revealed!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry this post is soooo late! With the Birthday boy having his game and party on Saturday and then Mother's Day on Sunday I'm a little behind!!

The crafters if they chose to play for immunity had to make something birthday-ish with the theme of video games using only the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Black! Now that said if they had a human cut out or piecing they could use skin color.

Also we had a redemption play off... Only one turned in a project so she will continue on to try to make it back to the main Island! Here's her project:

And yes,.. It's sideways... I have NO idea why but blogger hates me today! The photo I have is right side up but try as I might I can not get it flipped around right and I'm tired of fighting with it! :( I'm sorry redemption player!!

Here are the projects for those playing for Immunity....




And I had the Birthday Boy check em all out and his pick for winner of Immunity is...
So as long as #1 turns in a project this week they are safe!
Remember your BIG Challenge (Vintage Mother's Day) is due this Friday by 11:59 pm Eastern!
I will post them Saturday and hopefully we have all votes in this time around in a timely manner!
Good luck to you all and I am SOOOOO sorry I didn't get this posted sooner!!
Until next time....
Hugs from the Island ♥

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our First Torch-ee is Announced & a Crazy Immunity Challenge ♥

Well it was a difficult decision here on the Island but the votes are in...
Here's how they came out..
as you can see....a split vote! So what to do? Have the immunity winner make the tie-breaker vote! I do not envy her having to make this decision...But with a heavy heart she did and it's time to say good-bye to....
We shall miss you #2...
Or will we??? ;)
That's right folks! Redemption Island is back in play this season!!!
So #2 will have a chance to get back into the game!!!
Here is the LAST Immunity Challenge
(Which due to the late-ness of this post will be due
11:59 pm Eastern)
So Crafters (if you wish!) and Redemption Island players (no choice you must!)
here it is:
My little boy's 6th Birthday is May 11
He LOVES all things video game!
Make something for a birthday boy that incorporates
some kind of video game!
Oh..and did I mention..
He really likes the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Black...
So those are the ONLY colors you can use!
No variations.,..
The actual colors only.
Have fun!!!!
And since it's my little man's day guess what...
He will be picking the winner of Immunity
who gets to stay on Redemption Island!!!
I know...I'm a stinker, huh?
Have fun crafters/redemption players!
Can't wait to see what you make!!!
Until then
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big Projects Revealed- UPDATED

*****I am still waiting on votes for who to torch! I will do a new post as soon as I know and have told our torch-ee!****

Good morning everyone!!!
It's FINALLY here... The day where we get to see projects from all the crafters here! I'm soooo excited...Not to see anyone voted off...But for the game to begin. And let me tell you what... The crafters have a very difficult choice to make! All projects are super fab!

For the projects this week they had to choose a project from last season and recreate it with their own spin on it. So each project will have 2 photos. The first photo is the original project and the 2nd is our crafter's spin project!

Of course you on the sidelines will get to vote by commenting. Remember the comments will show up right away! You are voting for fan favorite who will have A HUGE advantage coming up!

Crafters you have until sunday night (May 5) at 11:59 pm eastern to email me with the number of who you would like to send packing! Choose wisely!!! I will notify the person being torched before I post it!

The Immunity winner from last week CAN NOT be voted for torching... This project CAN be voted on for fan favorite tho. If you choose to vote this one fan favorite simply comment with "Immunity Winner"

Now here are the rest that can be voted for both Fan Favorite and Torching!
 (Remember 2 photos for each project!)

(Remember 2 photos for each project!)

(Remember 2 photos for each project!)

(Remember 2 photos for each project!)

So there you have it!!! Crazy amazing, right? Good luck choosing Fan Favorite and Who gets their torch put out!!!
I'll announce which project is voted out Monday
as well as "Immunity" info!
Your next big project
(DUE MAY 17)
Mother's Day Themed
(I know...I know...It's after Mother's Day...But...
I love my mom
and I bet you do too!
So late or not we're gonna honor them!)
So I want to see any Mother's Day project you can think of...
But I think I want to see how it would look in...
lets say 1920! ;)
Vintage week is here!
Think laces and pearls
and that sorta thing!
Make it pretty...
Oh and make sure it's got
some stars on it ;)
Cause you know I can never be simple!!!
Can't wait to see what happens and what you create!!
Good Luck to you all!!!
Until next time...
hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, April 29, 2013

Who's been saved???

Well it's another Monday following a fierce battle for immunity!
So who won?
Well the fans have spoken and the person safe this week is...
Remember #3... You must still make and turn in a project this Friday (May 3) to be safe!
I can't wait to see what the Islanders make!
Until then..
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Choose Who Will Be Safe This Week ♥

Hello Islanders!!
Immunity is back up for grabs and wow did the 3 that choose to compete do an amazing job!
The had to make tags! Sounds easy right? WRONG! These tags had to sparkle and not only that they had 3 color combos to choose from!
They were
#1- Black, Yellow, Purple
#2 Gray, Blue, Orange
#3 Hot pink, Lime Green, and White

So without further ado... Here they are!!


So to vote just add a comment with your number choice! I've turned off comment moderation to see if this works better for commenters/contestants!
The winner will remain safe from elimination as long as they make and turn in their big project on time!
I'll post the winner Monday Morning!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fan Favorite Winner & Next Immunity Challenge

Good morning, Islanders!!
All the ladies did a fabulous job on their projects this week! But there is always a fan favorite and this time around the winner will receive 3 extra votes in the immunity challenge if they decide to participate!
So without further ado...
Our fan favorite is...
Congrats #5!!!
Now onto the next Immunity Challenge....
This will be due this Friday April 26 by 11:59 pm eastern time!

I would love to see what you do with a tag!
Jazz it up...Make it pretty!
I'd love to see some bling on it...pearls, know...
I can't make it that easy...
What am I thinking...
Well you also must pick from these 3 color combos!
You can ONLY use these colors...Varying shades ok... But nothing extra!
#1- Black, Yellow, Purple
#2 Gray, Blue, Orange
#3 Hot pink, Lime Green, and white
this will be interesting!
Can't wait to see what you do!
It has come to my attention that I wasn't very clear with the rule on photos...
so to make it easy...
NO photos of humans...
That ought to settle it! :)
Inanimate objects, animals, plants...fine
You, your kids, random strangers....Not ok!
If you submit a project with a human photo on it I will NOT accept it!
Don't set yourself up to be eliminated for something silly!
That's it...
for now..
Until next time...
Hugs From The Island ♥

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Challenge #2 and NEXT Big Challenge Revealed ♥

Good morning Islanders!!!
It's that time again... Time to reveal the Big Challenge Projects!
This time around our crafty crew had to create a "Prom" themed challenge and use the colors blue, green, and pink as well as somehow incorporate music into it!
The ladies did an amazing job!!!! Every one is so different and so pretty!
Normally we would be voting to eliminate someone from the competition...
sadly yet again this week we will NOT be...
Seems another crafter has been swept out to sea and has not been heard from!
I think the winner of this round ought to get something for their hard work.... SO... We will have another fan favorite competition! To vote for which project you like the most please leave a comment with the # of your choice!
The Fan Favorite Winner will win an immunity advantage of 3 extra votes in the next immunity challenge! It could be a game changer (well....assuming my 5 lovely crafters hang around and don't wander off!!!)
So here are their projects! Remember to vote for your favorite!!!




See....Absolutely lovely!!!!
So PLEASE go vote for your favorite to win the extra votes in the next immunity challenge!!!
And now....
The next BIG Challenge....

This one I think is going to be fun!!!!
I want you each to go back through this blog and pick a project that was made during Season #1 and recreate it!
Put your own spin on it!
You may pick any project but PLEASE make sure you send me a photo of the original and of your recreated one!

Good luck! This project is due Friday May 3 by 11:59 pm est!
I really can't wait to see what you fabulous 5 will do!!!

So come back Monday to find out who won
"Fan Favorite"
Find out the next immunity project!!

Until then....
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, April 15, 2013

And Immunity Goes To....

Good morning, everyone!!!
Monday has rolled around again so it's time to reveal our immunity winner!!!
All the Islanders did an AMAZING job and it was a close vote!
However our winner is....

Congrats #2!!!!
Now don't forget your Big Challenge (PROM) projects are due THIS Friday April 19
by 11:59 pm est!!! And #2....You STILL must turn in a project for your immunity to count!!

Thanks to all of you who came out of your huts to vote!!! We all appreciate it!!!
So I'll see you back here Saturday morning to show off the Prom pics :)
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Immunity is back up for grabs ♥

Good morning sweet Islanders!
Immunity is back up fro grabs and we have 5 of the 6 competing for it!!
I asked my contestants to make me something...anything...but it had to have 3 3D flowers on it...and's amazing how different and beautiful each one is! You that are voting have a tough choice!
Voting will be the same as last time...Comments are moderated so just leave one with who you would like to see be safe this week! Highest vote wins! And yes my Islanders if you are competing you are allowed to (and encouraged to) may NOT vote for yourself! Choose wisely!!!
So here they are in NO particular order....
So there you have it.... Don't forget to vote! The ladies worked so very hard on their projects!!!
Winner will be announced Monday morning!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥