Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big Projects Revealed- UPDATED

*****I am still waiting on votes for who to torch! I will do a new post as soon as I know and have told our torch-ee!****

Good morning everyone!!!
It's FINALLY here... The day where we get to see projects from all the crafters here! I'm soooo excited...Not to see anyone voted off...But for the game to begin. And let me tell you what... The crafters have a very difficult choice to make! All projects are super fab!

For the projects this week they had to choose a project from last season and recreate it with their own spin on it. So each project will have 2 photos. The first photo is the original project and the 2nd is our crafter's spin project!

Of course you on the sidelines will get to vote by commenting. Remember the comments will show up right away! You are voting for fan favorite who will have A HUGE advantage coming up!

Crafters you have until sunday night (May 5) at 11:59 pm eastern to email me with the number of who you would like to send packing! Choose wisely!!! I will notify the person being torched before I post it!

The Immunity winner from last week CAN NOT be voted for torching... This project CAN be voted on for fan favorite tho. If you choose to vote this one fan favorite simply comment with "Immunity Winner"

Now here are the rest that can be voted for both Fan Favorite and Torching!
 (Remember 2 photos for each project!)

(Remember 2 photos for each project!)

(Remember 2 photos for each project!)

(Remember 2 photos for each project!)

So there you have it!!! Crazy amazing, right? Good luck choosing Fan Favorite and Who gets their torch put out!!!
I'll announce which project is voted out Monday
as well as "Immunity" info!
Your next big project
(DUE MAY 17)
Mother's Day Themed
(I know...I know...It's after Mother's Day...But...
I love my mom
and I bet you do too!
So late or not we're gonna honor them!)
So I want to see any Mother's Day project you can think of...
But I think I want to see how it would look in...
lets say 1920! ;)
Vintage week is here!
Think laces and pearls
and that sorta thing!
Make it pretty...
Oh and make sure it's got
some stars on it ;)
Cause you know I can never be simple!!!
Can't wait to see what happens and what you create!!
Good Luck to you all!!!
Until next time...
hugs from the Island ♥


  1. This was tough as they were all wonderful, but I'll go with #2

  2. I got a vote for fan favorite from Martha Pineda for #1! She was unable to vote from her phone so I told her I would add it for her! And yes I'm commenting from my LOVEBUG account because I didn't feel like signing out and logging back on!!


  3. I hope I am doing this right...FAN FAVORITE for #2 b/c of the candies!!!

  4. We have a vote for #2 by Christine Barker :)

  5. I am confused. One comment says she's voting for #2 "because of the candies," and candies are only on #3 ... And #4 also says #2 on it (first pic., top left) ... So I am just gonna say they are all great and call it a tie! :)