Monday, November 12, 2012

And the winner is.....

I can't not THANK you all enough for making this very first season of PCI fun, exciting, and memorable!!! I met some people through this that have become dear friends and I couldn't have asked for a better group of crafters!!
I would also like to thank ALL of the sponsors!!! Without you there would be no prizes..and everyone loves prizes! :)

Each week they impressed me more and more with their creativity! One just has to take a look back at the projects to see all the time, thought and heart that went into each and every one!!!

The votes for the final competition broke down like this: #1 - 30, #2- 11 and #3- 11! Our special jury choose #3 to receive 5 extra votes bringing #3's total votes to 16!!!

But now it has come time to announce our very first winner ever here on the Island!!! So PLEASE join me in congratulating...

Ellen *CardMonkey* Jarvis!!!!
Congrats Ellen!!!! A well fought and well deserved victory!!!! I will get with you and get your prizes sorted out!!! :)
Congrats to #2: Christel Bonner *Scrappin' Sista* You did a great job here on the Island and I'm blessed to have gotten to know you!!! I loved having you here!!! :)
Congrats to #3 - Donna Sullivan *Paperfusion* I loved having you here on the Island!!! Super fabulous job on EVERY project my late night Lucy! :)
Well there you have it...
Now make sure to leave them some comment ♥
Until next *Season*
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Finals

Good Morning Islanders & Beach goers!!!

It's hard to believe it's time to see the final projects! This has been an awesome 3 months! Season #1 has totally blown me away with their talent! But like all good things the Island must come to an end...

But not before rocking out another challenge! :)

This week (and yes they truly only had 1 week to make these!) I issued 3 challenges to our final 3! I will only be posting 2 of the challenges today! Challenge one was to use only products they had previously send me photos of to make a card or layout. Challenge 2 was to make a Christmas themed postcard from the Island! Their 3rd challenge was to make a sign that I will post to announce the winner!!! Each person will have a photo collage for their first photo..It has the biggest picture as what the made and the smaller photos around it of what they sent me that the had to choose from to use!  There may be multiple photos for their other project!!! :)

Voting this week will be handled a little differently. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make this work and I think I've finally got it... SO...TO VOTE FOR WHO YOU THINK SHOULD WIN PCI SEASON #1 PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST! I will have it set so that comments will NOT appear until I approve them...and I will not approve them until voting is over. This way no one can be influenced on who votes for who! I will send vote counts out to my final 3 through out the weekend so they know where they stand! Comments will go from NOW until SUNDAY NOV. 11 at 11:59 pm. Any comments after that time WILL NOT COUNT!


What's a final vote on the Island without a twist??? I also have a JURY vote... The winner of the jury vote will actually receive an extra 5 votes.... :)

So here they are... your Final 3....

#1's projects (Click to see larger!)

#2's Projects (Click to see larger!)

#3's Projects (Click to see larger!)

So there you have it... 6 stunning and clever projects from 3 very talented crafters! Now do us all a favor...Comment your vote!! :)
I'll be announcing the winner Monday Nov 12 by posting their sign (3rd project!)

Until then....
Hugs from the Island ♥


Monday, November 5, 2012

And our Final person in the Finals is....

WOW...I tell you this was a total nail biter right down to the end. The vote was unbelievably close...but we do have a winner... by a vote of 26-25 the person joining the other 2 in the finals is....

Fishy #1!!!
I am sad to see Fishy #2 leaving us. You have done an amazing job! Making it from 13 down to 4th is fabulous!!! Your projects were always awesome and I loved having you here!!! :)
Ok...Final 3...ARE YOU READY???
11:59 PM EST.

So you see you have 1 working week...and boy are you gonna need it! I couldn't let the FINAL Challenge be easy...
To win big you gotta play BIG!
And the BIG Challenge this week...Well you remember those scavenger hunt pictures I had you send me?
That is part of your 1st Project...
PROJECT 1: Take ONLY what you sent me photos of and use to make either a card or layout. BUT you can ONLY use what you sent me photos of....of course inks, stickles, glossy accents are ok...but you can not use anything different then what you've shown me as far as the main items!
PROJECT #2- Since we will be gone over the Holidays I'd love to see a Christmas Island Postcard (think back to the first Immunity!) But all Christmas this time...
Project #3- Make and decorate a sign that says "I JUST WON SEASON #1 OF PAPER CRAFT ISLAND" Decorate it however you'd like!!! Have fun with it!! I will only be posting the first two projects to vote on and your sign will be how I announce the winner!!!
You're going to need it!!!
I will be posting the projects to vote on Saturday November 10!!
And our first ever winner will be announced on Monday November 12!!!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's that time again...

Good morning, everyone!!! I am so very excited that it's finally voting day to choose the 3rd person to be in the Final 3!!!! My other 2 competitors have been going stir crazy this week not having anything to do and anxiously awaiting to see who will be joining them!!!

For this final "Fishy" challenge I told the 2 fishys (yes that's a word and yes that's how I'm spelling it!) that they had to make a project showing why they should be in the finals. I wanted them to make something that showcased their talents...and boy....did they ever! I couldn't be happier with their projects! No matter how this vote goes both Islanders have been just amazing! Every project a treasure in itself! I am so proud of how far they have made it!!!

So I will post the projects and due to last weeks poll mess-up I've decided to do the vote the email way! So PLEASE email me ( ) with which Fishy Project is your favorite!!!!

So here they are...
Fishy #1
Fishy #2

Well there you have it!!! So PLEASE take a minute to email me ( ) with which project is your favorite.. Either Fishy #1's two adorable Christmas Cards or Fishy #2's awesome recipe book!!! You have until 11:59 pm EST on Sunday Nov 4 to email me!!! And also...DON'T FORGET TO "Fall Back" this weekend!!! :)
I will announce the winner on Monday Morning!!!
Good Luck to both!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥