Monday, July 30, 2012

Up for grabs....

It's a BEAUTIFUL day on the Island! The sun is shining...The ocean is clear...and I do believe I hear Cricut's chirping! This morning I thought I better go check the tree-mail and low and behold there was something inside!

#3 from last week returned the "Immunity Idol" and it's back up for grabs!!! So here it is "Terrific 10"
You have from now until 11:59 pm EST on Friday August 3rd to email me your "Immunity Project"! Remember it is your choice to do the Immunity...But it may just be your saving grace! Also keep in mind that even if you win immunity you still have to make a Big Challenge project in order for your immunity to save you! No Big Challenge project...No more torch!

Well some of you may have realized that there are some children here at the Island. 4 to be exact. And the oldest is going to be 10 next week. She is in LOVE with crafting and all things artsy so I figured what a great surprise it would be for her to see some birthday cards made by you! So for Immunity (if you choice to do so) I would like to see a Birthday Card for a 10 year old girl! :) Voting will begin on Saturday morning and run until Sundat night at 11:59 pm EST via poll! If there should be a tie then the Birthday Girl will choose between the ones that are tied by picking her favorite! Since she doesn't know any of you I figured this would be the best way to break the tie! ;)

But wait...
There's more....

This challenge is OPEN TO EVERYONE on the Island (well actually everyone in the USA...Sorry but I can't ship outside the USA)! You will get to play along with our Immunity Challenge this week. Make a birthday card for a 10 year old girl and add it to Mr. Linky. My birthday girl will pick her favorite (assuming there is more then 1) on Sunday August 5 at 11:59 pm EST. I will announce the Immunity and the Reward challenge winners on Monday Aug 6! The winner of the reward challenge will get a crafty surprise present from me! :) Oh and this is my first time ever doing the Linky thing so if it doesn't work or somethings not right PLEASE let me know!!! Thanks!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Challenge Projects Revealed!!!

Well I checked the "tree-mail" at 11:59 pm EST and what I have for you all is some news. Good/Bad...You be the judge. Here is a picture of what I saw.

So looking at the picture can you see what my news is??? Well if you didn't see it..the "Dirty Dozen" became the "Terrific 10" real quick! #12 had other commitments and needed to bow out. #11 never sent a project and I was forced to put out her torch. So here we have it. 10 stranded crafters left! No vote this week as I will not kick someone off the Island when they made something and others did not! So for the "terrific 10" I'm sure this is fabulous news! 2 less people between them and victory!

But since they worked so hard on their Beach Themed projects (and they are sooooo Ah-Maze-ing) I'm going to post them! Feel free shipwrecked beach-goers to leave them some comment love for their hard work this week!!!

See.... Told ya... Just awesome the work this group did! I couldn't be happier to share my crafty hut with them all!!!

Now don't forget to leave them some love and Monday I will be posting the next Immunity Challenge as well as another REWARD Challenge!!

Until then...

Hugs from the Island ♥

Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Challenge Theme #2: Season 1

Good Morning Beach-goers! It's that time again...Time to reveal the next Big Challenge Theme! YAY!!! I'm about you??? So here goes....

hmmmm....what is this, you ask? It's the project I made for my Paper Hoarders Design Team which was for today! And I decided to make this your next challenge. Here's the scoop:
You can make anything you would like
You can ONLY use these colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, White
You HAVE to and can ONLY use 4 of the above colors!
If you submit your project and it has additional colors in it I will NOT post it and you will be eliminated from the Island! (However if you submit it early enough I can let you know and maybe you'll have time to fix it! ;)

This ought to be interesting!!!! Good luck to you all and I can't wait to see what you make!! :)

Don't forget this weeks BIG CHALLENGE is DUE by 11:59 pm EST TONIGHT! If you don't submit a project your torch is automatically put out and we will NOT hold a vote! It's not fair to the ones that make something! I will post the projects Saturday Morning and as long as there are 12 the voting will begin!!!

Until then...

Hugs from the Island ♥

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reward Challenge WINNER!!!

Good Mornin', Beach-goers!!!

I was walking down the beach today to greet the recently shipwrecked and lookie what I found....

Congrats to you, Ellen Jarvis on being our very first Reward Challenge winner!!!! :) Thank you for sending more people this way!!! We are so close to 100 now! YAY! Please come find me (email) in my hut to claim your treasure!!! (

Thank you to everyone who played along in this reward challenge!!! Keep your eyes peeled...You never know when another one may pop up!!!

Dirty Dozen: don't forget your BIG CHALLENGE PROJECTS are due no later then this FRIDAY by 11:59 pm EST! If you do not make a project your torch will be snuffed out automatically!!!

Everyone else: I will be posting their projects on Saturday! Please remember to leave them some lovely comments on their hard work! :)

Until then...

Hugs from the Island ♥

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I got a postcard....


Hi everyone! I got a postcard from the mainland today and guess what...It brought some fantastic news! We have another Sponsor!!!

The Scrapbook Stamp Society is offering 3 Island themed digi stamps to the winner!!! YAY!!! If you'd like to check out all they have to offer please go here! Thank you so much SSS!!! :)

Now don't forget there is only one more day of the very first REWARD Challenge! If you haven't seen this yet click the link at the top of this post to find out all about it!! :) I'll be posting the winner of the reward challenge Thursday morning!!

Until then....

Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, July 23, 2012

And Immunity goes to....

Hi Islanders! Thank goodness there is WIFI here at the Island Hospital. I had to bring my oldest in. Turns out she's been spending too much time in the ocean and has Swimmer's Ear (AKA an ear infection) but as we sat waiting I was able to check the poll and at 12:00 am est. it was close. 14-13! I don't know why blogger was allowing votes after 11:59pm because that was the end time I set but it did. However I know what it said at 12:00am and that's what I'm going with as that was the time I set at the beginning of the challenge!

Therefore our winner is #3!!! I can't tell you who #3 is but this crafter knows!!! CONGRATS #3!!! Now make SURE you turn in your big project on time for your Immunity to take effect!!!

I would like to thank everyone who voted in this first challenge and I hope you will continue to vote on the fabulous work this bunch does!

Also don't forget about the Reward Challenge! That runs until Wednesday July 25th at 11:59 pm EST! :)

So until then,..

Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Immunity Challenge #1~ Postcards from the Island

***If you are looking for the Reward Challenge Info please click HERE!!! ***

Good Morning sleepy-heads!!! It's rather early (or late depending on how you look at it) here on the Island. But I am so excited to be posting the projects from the VERY FIRST Immunity Challenge here on the Island! I'm like a crafter on Christmas who just received a Cameo (I really want a Cameo...LOL)

Now remember that the Dirty Dozen was NOT REQUIRED to do the Immunity Challenge. It was left up to them to decide if they wanted a chance to win the Immunity Idol and be safe from this weeks eviction! The challenge this time was to make a post card from the Island!!! Out of 12 I had 9 decide to participate and I couldn't be happier! Now it's up to you to decide which crafter deserves to be safe this week and stay on the Island! They MUST make a project for the BIG Challenge in order for their Immunity to work! But it's up to you to vote and save one from the dreaded Tribal Counsel!

To vote look towards the top right side of the blog! You will see a couple polls there with the numbers that correspond with the photos below! For some reason I couldn't get it to let me add more to one so I had to split it up! Make sure you click the right number of your choice!! Please only vote once! You need to pick the project you like the best!!! Voting will start NOW and go until Sunday July 22 at 11:59 pm EST! At that point the project with the most votes will win Immunity and as long as they turn in their project on time will NOT be able to be eliminated! So choose wisely! Although it's gonna be tough because they all did an AMAZING job!!!



#3 (2 pictures..front/back!)







Pretty great job, huh? Please take a second to vote for your favorite on the poll on the side of the blog!!! I will announce the Immunity Winner Monday morning!!!!

Until then...

Hugs from the Island ♥

Friday, July 20, 2012

Reward Challenge #1

Good Afternoon Beach-goers! I truly hope you have been enjoy your stay here with us on Paper Craft Island. I've been having a blast here at my hut! Last night I laid in my hammock outside and started to doze. I had a strange "Wayne's World-ish" type dream in which Mike Meyers told me:

"If you REWARD them...they will come!"

So who am I to go against his knowledge? So with that in mind I started planning this reward! I knew I had to get a message to the mainland! So thank goodness I was smart enough to have a cell tower built here! I called (who else but) my Mama!!! And she (as always) came through!

So I'm very happy to announce that Lovebug Creations will be sponsoring this very first reward challenge! Thank you so much, Mama Lovebug!!!

So here's the challenge! While I adore each and every one of the 52 of you that shipwrecked here I'd love some more company! So you have until Wed July 25th at 11:59  pm EST to get as many crafty buddies as you can to come to the Island, become a follower, and leave me a comment letting me know who sent them! Easy Peasy!!! Whoever sends the most wins!! And here is the prize package that you could win!

LoveBug Creations Prize Package
*Terrifically Tacky Tape
*Stampin' Up Dimensionals
*6x6 double-sided My Mind's Eye (Miss Caroline)
*6x6 double-sided 7 Gypsies (Conservatory)
*Stampin' Up White Twine
*Tim Holtz Tissue Tape (Nostalgia)
*2 Studio 12 Mini Stamps
*Imaginisce Mini Stamp
*K & C Dimensional Stickers
*Mat Stack of Hand-Cut Papers
*Mulberry Street Handmade Paper Flowers
What an amazing prize pack of crafty goodness! :) So start sending out the word! Let's get some more followers and more people to vote on the Immunity Challenges! Don't forget voting for the first Immunity Challenge starts tomorrow morning!!! :)
Hugs from the Island ♥

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who wants to know...

what you're playing for???? That's's time to show you some of the goodies lined up for the Grand Prize Winner! I hope to be adding more to the list soon!

 3 Girl JAM is offering 3 bundles of ribbon + their new Bow Maker!!! How stinkin' awesome is that? Their ribbon is simply beautiful and there are so many colors to choose from! The winner will be able to pick which 3 she would like! If you'd like to visit their store click HERE! THANK YOU SO MUCH 3GJ!!!

Jaded Blossom will be sending our lucky winner this stamp set: Simple Sayings! I am in LOVE with this set! So many uses and that tree....GORGEOUS! If you'd like to visit their store please click HERE! They have amazing stamps and all your favor/treat box or bag needs!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH JADED BLOSSOM!

Lisa from HoneyBearz Designs is offering a blank chipboard mini album from her store! Winner gets to choose from all the different ones she has! Her store is amazing and she has everything a crafter could be looking for! So if you'd like to go check her out please click HERE! THANK YOU SO MUCH HONEYBEARZ DESIGNS!!!

Next up is Paper Piecings by Nikki! Nikki is offering a $15 store credit! This is me..She has the MOST adorable patterns and they are reasonably priced so you will get a good deal of patterns for $15! Her new set "Bahama Mamas" is so darn adorable and perfect for the Island! ;) If you'd like to check out what she's got in her store please click HERE! THANK YOU SO MUCH PPbN!!! :)

and last but certainly not least...

Emma from My Creative Time is giving away her "Bloom Where You Are Planted" stamp set!!! Isn't this just beautiful??? She has a TON of stamps in her store and is just the sweetest person ever! If you'd like to check her out please click HERE!

So that's what we have lined up so far! I hope you are all excited! Please visit the sponsors and check out what they have! We wouldn't have prizes if it wasn't for all they do! :) I will update the list when I have more!

Dirty Dozen don't forget tomorrow night is the deadline for the first Immunity Challenge! Not required to do but it may be your saving grace!! :)  And everyone else we will begin voting on the Immunity Challenge Projects starting Saturday!!!

Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a secret....

Hello everyone!

I have been sitting in my hut here on the Island for awhile now debating something. I have a secret... To some it may not seem like a big deal but to me this is HUGE!

I have to admit when I first put Paper Craft Island together I had been thinking about it for about a year. But I'm a chicken...YES...That's right...A BIG CHICKEN! I was so worried that people would think this was a silly stupid idea that I wasn't sure I even wanted to go forward with it.

After a whole lot of thought I decided to do it. Go for it..But in a cowardly way. I LOVED the idea of this being anonymous...completely anonymous...and figured this was my best way to get it out there and if people laughed or thought it silly I could hide behind the anonymous veil. Well then I realized I needed to get on Facebook if I wanted this idea to work. Social media really is the way to get things out there but wouldn't you know it...Facebook would NOT let me name myself PaperCraft Island. So what's a chicken...errrr...girl to do? Next best thing...Create a pseudonym. So Jane Smith was born..And I gotta say I'm surprised more of you haven't questioned that!

Everything was going great and then I realized I needed to get sponsors. Well this has proven a bit of a challenge. Maybe it's because its CHA time...Maybe because no one knows me...Oh no...What if that's it...What if my anonymity is costing my big idea in the long run?

So here's my big secret..Some of you already know me...some of you don't...But I want you to know who is behind this! My name is Kimi Cremar. You may know the blog I share with my wonderful Mom (Pamela Lash) - LoveBug Creations.

So there it is...Secret is out...and I do feel a bit better...(I think)

To the "Dirty Dozen" - Have no fears...Just because I came outta the hut (so to speak!) does NOT mean I will reveal who you are! That is still a MAJOR part of this. But I thought everyone deserved to know who I was! I hope you all understand why I have done this and I hope that the enthusiasum continues! And who knows....maybe now I might hear back from some people.. :)

I want you all to know that as of now I have 2 very wonderful sponsors and I will post who they are and what they are donating to the grand prize winner tomorrow! Also as I continue to find more I will update the list!
So until then...

Hugs from (Kimi) the Island ♥

Monday, July 16, 2012

Immunity Challenge - Season 1 - #1

Greetings from the Island....

Hope you've all been doing well!! I'm here to announce the very first Immunity Challenge! So "Dirty Dozen...Listen up!"

For this challenge you have until Friday July 20, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST to send me a photo of your project should you choose to compete! For this challenge I would like to see postcards from the Island! So do your best as the shipwrecked beach-goers will be the ones voting for this!

I will post all the photos I receive on Saturday July 21! Voting will take place from then until Sunday Night at 11:59 pm EST. I will then award the project with the most votes Immunity in the Big Challenge. The person who made that project WILL NOT be able to be voted off the Island and is therefor safe!

It is up to you whether you compete or not but it could be to your advantage to do so! So get those postcards made and sent to me at

Until then...

Hugs from the Island ♥

Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Challenge Theme #1: Season 1

Hello my fellow beach-goers & the "dirty dozen"! Have you been enjoying your stay here on the Island? How could you not? It's like paradise here! Sun, crystal clear waters, and every crafty tool you could imagine...I don't see it getting much better! :)

Now on to business....For this first BIG challenge I wanted to make it something somewhat easy. Oh have no fear...As the weeks go on and the dozen dwindle down it WILL get harder! But lets play nice for now! ;)

With that said your first challenge is to use nothing but sticks, rope and Stickles to make anything you'd like! (WHAT?!?!? NO GOOD?!!?) Ok you came to the Island not knowing I've been here awhile...I have a twisted sense of humor..Plus it's Friday the 13th....If I start talking to volleyballs tho someone please get me some help!

Ok...OK...The real first challenge is simply this: Use whatever you would like to make a project that screams BEACH! I want to see some great projects that would make someone want to get away. A Layout, Card, Altered Item...Whatever you can create but it has to be beachy! Think sand, waves, sun, fun! And that is the main thing! This is meant to be all in fun!

So dirty dozen...Get to it! You have until Friday July 27th no later than 11:59 pm Est  to email your best picture of your work to

If you do not send me a project or send it late I will automatically put out your torch! It's not fair to the others who make something to possibly get the boot! I will still post the projects for everyone to see and comment on but no voting will take place!!

Don't forget I will be posting the first Immunity Challenge on Monday July 16! And if you are not part of the "dirty dozen" don't worry! You will be the ones voting via poll for our immunity winner!

If anyone has any questions please comment or email me:

Can't wait to see what Season #1 creates!!!

Hugs from the Island ♥

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just some FAQs

Since it's way too hot on the Island today I decided to stay in my hut and go through some emails! (thank goodness there's electricity & WIFI here!) I had a couple fantastic questions I figured I would post some of them here along with the answers! If anyone comes up with another PLEASE feel free to email me at!

#1: What if someone doesn't make a project for the Big Challenge?
Answer: They will be booted from the Island and we will not have voting that time around! I don't think it's fair for someone who made a project to get their torch put out while someone else doesn't make anything! So moral of the story..If you are part of the group PLEASE make sure you make your Big Challenge project and turn it in ON TIME!

#2: Are there any certain tools or products you have to have?
Absolutely NOT! I will never make a challenge that requires something specific! As a crafter I know how expensive and/or hard to find somethings are and it's not fair to require something that everyone may not have access to!

#3: What kind of projects will the challenges be?
The Big Challenge projects can be anything you like....Card, LO, Altered Item...anything so long as it follows the theme! I know not everyone is as good at cards as LO's and vice versa!!  However for the Immunity Challenges it will be project and theme specific since those are optional!

I hope everyone has fun with this as that is the name of game! Friday just isn't getting here soon enough! :) So until then grab your beverage of choice and sit back and soak up the sun!

Hugs from the Island ♥

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A full a happy Island!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and let you know the ship has arrived and I see a wonderful "Dirty Dozen" walking up the beach! I know I said 11 in the main post but things happen and I couldn't resist being able to call this bunch "The Dirty Dozen"! So I'm going to let them unpack, set up their camps and get well rested before I announce the first BIG challenge THIS friday!!! I'm so excited to get things started!

Also I wanted to let you know that there is a spot on the right hand side labled "Pages". Right now it's the "home page" and the "rules & explantion" page...But if I were hanging out on the Island I'd keep my eyes peeled...You NEVER know when another page may appear with something fun...informational...or both! ;)

So until friday I bid you ado!

Hugs from the Island ♥

1 Spot left!!!

Good afternoon, beach-goers! I just wanted to pop in and let you know we have 1 spot left in Season #1! I'm so excited about the responses I've been getting! So if anyone would like this last spot please email me at and let me know! Don't leave the other 10 hangin'! If I can get this spot filled by Monday then I will announce the first challenge THIS Friday!!! I can't wait to start and I know this is going to be so much fun!!! Thanks for playing along!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Big Reveal!!!!!

Welcome to Paper Craft Island! This is a challenge blog with a twist! A group of 11 shipwrecked will battle it out over 22 weeks to see who will be the “Sole Survivor of Paper Craft Island”! Through bi-weekly challenges along with a weekly “immunity” challenge we will narrow it down to just 1! The winner will not only get the title but a “boat load” of prizes as well! Sound fun?  Intriguing? Well read on!

I realize this will not be the challenge for everyone! Please if you do not have a thick skin you may want to sit on the beach and watch! This is meant to be all in fun and no hard feelings! Plus it will all be anonymous so no one will ever know if you got your paper crafting torch put out! Still interested???


#1: This is absolutely 100% anonymous! Anyone who chooses to participate must not let on to the fact that they are competing! It is the only way to keep things fair!

#2: I will announce the theme for the BIG challenge on Fridays! I will post on the blog as well as email the 11 (or however many we are down to!) individually! You will never know who else is competing! You will then have 2 weeks to make your project, take a photo and email it to me ( ! I will upload the photos on Saturday Morning and you will have until Sunday night at 7 pm est. to email me with which project you would like to see kicked off the island!

#3. Each challenge photo will be designated a number so yet again NO ONE knows who made it! Each week those numbers will change!

#4. On Mondays I will announce the theme for the Immunity Challenge. If you wish to compete in that you will have until the following Friday to make, photograph and email me your project! I will upload them on Saturday mornings and will let the beach goers vote on their favorite to win immunity for the follow weeks big challenge! You do not have to compete in the immunity challenges but you never know…it may help you! We will only do immunity challenges until we get down to 5!

#5. VOTING- For BIG challenge each participant MUST come and look at all the projects submitted and EMAIL the project number to me of who they would like to see voted off! Project with most votes is eliminated. Everyone MUST vote for this to work! In case of a tie I will ask the beachgoers to decide!! For the IMMUNITY Challenges I will leave that up to the beach goers (followers) to choose. I will have a poll on the top right corner of the blog to vote so yet again no one will know who picked which project as the best!  The one with the most votes will win immunity for the following weeks  BIG challenge!

#6. Once you are voted off the Island you will not be completely done! Those voted out will form the jury for the final challenge and decide the winner!

#7. Since this is a competition as well as a challenge you MUST realize that just because you get voted off does NOT mean your work is bad…It may be that the others are threatened by how awesome it is! I just don’t want anyone to take anything negative out of this experience! It is meant to be fun!

#8. The first group to do this will fondly be called Season 1! So depending on how season 1 does I will decide whether or not to do season #2 and so on!  Does the general idea behind this sound familiar to anyone??? J

So…How does one become part of the first 11 in Season 1? All you need to do is email me ( and tell me you are interested! The first 11 to do so will be it! I will email everyone back and let you know if you are in the first 11 or destined to be a beachgoer for this round!

Here is a sample of what a month would look like to make it maybe a little more understandable! I choose August as the example.

Friday Aug 3- Big Challenge Theme announced

Monday Aug 6- Immunity Challenge Theme announced

Friday Aug 10- Immunity Challenge pictures due by 7

Saturday Aug 11- Immunity Challenge pictures posted on blog

Sunday  Aug 12- Immunity challenge votes due by beachgoers

Monday Aug 13- Immunity winner announced

Friday Aug 17- Big Challenge pictures due by 7

Saturday Aug 18- Big Challenge pictures posted on blog

Sunday Aug 19- Big Challenge votes due by Season #1

Monday Aug 20- Votes reveled and someone is off the island and onto the jury

Friday Aug 24- Big Challenge Theme announced

Monday Aug 27- Immunity Challenge Theme announced

Friday Aug 31- Immunity Challenge pictures due by 7

And then so on and so forth…I will email a schedule to all 11 on Season #1 and keep it posted on the blog as well so everyone knows when everything is going on! I ask that you think on whether you can commit to this BEFORE you say yes! I don’t want to get 2 weeks in and have someone decide its too much!

PHEW! That was a whole lot of info but I hope it clears things up! If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either post a comment or email me at! I will gladly answer anything that you can think of and it may help things run smoother so don’t be timid!!!


Good Morning!

I woke up to a total surprise of over 25 followers! WOW! I did not expect this to happen so soon but I've very excited!!!! I just wanted to pop in real quick to let you wonderful shipwrecked ladies know I will be doing a post today explaining everything! Its going to probably be a super long post but it will be important that you read the entire thing so you fully understand what this is! When I said this was going to be different I really meant it! Its going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to get started! Thanks for checking this out and I sincerely hope you all will be excited about this idea!

Hugs from the Island ♥

PS...I didn't realize the word verification thing was on but it is OFF now! I know how annoying those things are! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hoping soon....

I'm hoping soon we will be able to get things going here on the island! I can't wait to share my plans with you all! I think as soon as we hit 25 followers I will let you all in on the BIG idea! :) So please make sure to follow me and share this blog with others! I can't wait to get started!!! :)

Hugs from the Island♥


Hi everyone! I've recently started going around to some of my favorite blogs and letting them know about the Island! I hope to see some familiar faces once I get everything up and going! Please become a follower and if I'm not currently following you then leave me a comment so I can!! I'm trying to get things around as fast as I can so we can start...and TRUST ME....This is like no challenge blog ever before! I think it's going to be a lot of fun so I sincerely hope you will join in! :)

Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting Set up!

Hello Everyone! I can not wait to share with you all my ideas for Paper Craft Island! I'm in the planning stages and soon...very soon...I promise I will share it all with you! Trust won't want to miss this! So please come back and check for more posts soon!