Monday, July 30, 2012

Up for grabs....

It's a BEAUTIFUL day on the Island! The sun is shining...The ocean is clear...and I do believe I hear Cricut's chirping! This morning I thought I better go check the tree-mail and low and behold there was something inside!

#3 from last week returned the "Immunity Idol" and it's back up for grabs!!! So here it is "Terrific 10"
You have from now until 11:59 pm EST on Friday August 3rd to email me your "Immunity Project"! Remember it is your choice to do the Immunity...But it may just be your saving grace! Also keep in mind that even if you win immunity you still have to make a Big Challenge project in order for your immunity to save you! No Big Challenge project...No more torch!

Well some of you may have realized that there are some children here at the Island. 4 to be exact. And the oldest is going to be 10 next week. She is in LOVE with crafting and all things artsy so I figured what a great surprise it would be for her to see some birthday cards made by you! So for Immunity (if you choice to do so) I would like to see a Birthday Card for a 10 year old girl! :) Voting will begin on Saturday morning and run until Sundat night at 11:59 pm EST via poll! If there should be a tie then the Birthday Girl will choose between the ones that are tied by picking her favorite! Since she doesn't know any of you I figured this would be the best way to break the tie! ;)

But wait...
There's more....

This challenge is OPEN TO EVERYONE on the Island (well actually everyone in the USA...Sorry but I can't ship outside the USA)! You will get to play along with our Immunity Challenge this week. Make a birthday card for a 10 year old girl and add it to Mr. Linky. My birthday girl will pick her favorite (assuming there is more then 1) on Sunday August 5 at 11:59 pm EST. I will announce the Immunity and the Reward challenge winners on Monday Aug 6! The winner of the reward challenge will get a crafty surprise present from me! :) Oh and this is my first time ever doing the Linky thing so if it doesn't work or somethings not right PLEASE let me know!!! Thanks!!


  1. Great challenge for the young islander! I can't wait to link up something for her!

  2. Ahoy! Thank you for the opportunity to play along on this Reward Challenge. I posted my link (#1) and then thought that maybe I should link to the post directly (link #2). I'm not used to linkies that don't show the thumbnail of the card, so I'm not sure I did it right. But I made a card from the monkey with her toes in the sand.... I hope the little islander likes it! :)

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  3. Love this challenge and the blog- I can;t wait to see who wins immunity!