Friday, July 6, 2012

The Big Reveal!!!!!

Welcome to Paper Craft Island! This is a challenge blog with a twist! A group of 11 shipwrecked will battle it out over 22 weeks to see who will be the “Sole Survivor of Paper Craft Island”! Through bi-weekly challenges along with a weekly “immunity” challenge we will narrow it down to just 1! The winner will not only get the title but a “boat load” of prizes as well! Sound fun?  Intriguing? Well read on!

I realize this will not be the challenge for everyone! Please if you do not have a thick skin you may want to sit on the beach and watch! This is meant to be all in fun and no hard feelings! Plus it will all be anonymous so no one will ever know if you got your paper crafting torch put out! Still interested???


#1: This is absolutely 100% anonymous! Anyone who chooses to participate must not let on to the fact that they are competing! It is the only way to keep things fair!

#2: I will announce the theme for the BIG challenge on Fridays! I will post on the blog as well as email the 11 (or however many we are down to!) individually! You will never know who else is competing! You will then have 2 weeks to make your project, take a photo and email it to me ( ! I will upload the photos on Saturday Morning and you will have until Sunday night at 7 pm est. to email me with which project you would like to see kicked off the island!

#3. Each challenge photo will be designated a number so yet again NO ONE knows who made it! Each week those numbers will change!

#4. On Mondays I will announce the theme for the Immunity Challenge. If you wish to compete in that you will have until the following Friday to make, photograph and email me your project! I will upload them on Saturday mornings and will let the beach goers vote on their favorite to win immunity for the follow weeks big challenge! You do not have to compete in the immunity challenges but you never know…it may help you! We will only do immunity challenges until we get down to 5!

#5. VOTING- For BIG challenge each participant MUST come and look at all the projects submitted and EMAIL the project number to me of who they would like to see voted off! Project with most votes is eliminated. Everyone MUST vote for this to work! In case of a tie I will ask the beachgoers to decide!! For the IMMUNITY Challenges I will leave that up to the beach goers (followers) to choose. I will have a poll on the top right corner of the blog to vote so yet again no one will know who picked which project as the best!  The one with the most votes will win immunity for the following weeks  BIG challenge!

#6. Once you are voted off the Island you will not be completely done! Those voted out will form the jury for the final challenge and decide the winner!

#7. Since this is a competition as well as a challenge you MUST realize that just because you get voted off does NOT mean your work is bad…It may be that the others are threatened by how awesome it is! I just don’t want anyone to take anything negative out of this experience! It is meant to be fun!

#8. The first group to do this will fondly be called Season 1! So depending on how season 1 does I will decide whether or not to do season #2 and so on!  Does the general idea behind this sound familiar to anyone??? J

So…How does one become part of the first 11 in Season 1? All you need to do is email me ( and tell me you are interested! The first 11 to do so will be it! I will email everyone back and let you know if you are in the first 11 or destined to be a beachgoer for this round!

Here is a sample of what a month would look like to make it maybe a little more understandable! I choose August as the example.

Friday Aug 3- Big Challenge Theme announced

Monday Aug 6- Immunity Challenge Theme announced

Friday Aug 10- Immunity Challenge pictures due by 7

Saturday Aug 11- Immunity Challenge pictures posted on blog

Sunday  Aug 12- Immunity challenge votes due by beachgoers

Monday Aug 13- Immunity winner announced

Friday Aug 17- Big Challenge pictures due by 7

Saturday Aug 18- Big Challenge pictures posted on blog

Sunday Aug 19- Big Challenge votes due by Season #1

Monday Aug 20- Votes reveled and someone is off the island and onto the jury

Friday Aug 24- Big Challenge Theme announced

Monday Aug 27- Immunity Challenge Theme announced

Friday Aug 31- Immunity Challenge pictures due by 7

And then so on and so forth…I will email a schedule to all 11 on Season #1 and keep it posted on the blog as well so everyone knows when everything is going on! I ask that you think on whether you can commit to this BEFORE you say yes! I don’t want to get 2 weeks in and have someone decide its too much!

PHEW! That was a whole lot of info but I hope it clears things up! If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either post a comment or email me at! I will gladly answer anything that you can think of and it may help things run smoother so don’t be timid!!!


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I've been waiting all day to see what all the hoopla was about! Great idea!

  2. Oh my.....this should be lots of fun!

  3. So different! What a neat idea! Sounds like lots of fun! :)

  4. I love Survivor but hate heat and bugs! lol This sounds like such a wonderful idea and I am looking forward to watching Season 1!!!

    Precious Hugs

  5. Sounds like FUN!!! What a cool idea!

  6. I think this sounds like a lot of fun!!! Great idea :)