Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Challenge Theme #1: Season 1

Hello my fellow beach-goers & the "dirty dozen"! Have you been enjoying your stay here on the Island? How could you not? It's like paradise here! Sun, crystal clear waters, and every crafty tool you could imagine...I don't see it getting much better! :)

Now on to business....For this first BIG challenge I wanted to make it something somewhat easy. Oh have no fear...As the weeks go on and the dozen dwindle down it WILL get harder! But lets play nice for now! ;)

With that said your first challenge is to use nothing but sticks, rope and Stickles to make anything you'd like! (WHAT?!?!? NO GOOD?!!?) Ok you came to the Island not knowing I've been here awhile...I have a twisted sense of humor..Plus it's Friday the 13th....If I start talking to volleyballs tho someone please get me some help!

Ok...OK...The real first challenge is simply this: Use whatever you would like to make a project that screams BEACH! I want to see some great projects that would make someone want to get away. A Layout, Card, Altered Item...Whatever you can create but it has to be beachy! Think sand, waves, sun, fun! And that is the main thing! This is meant to be all in fun!

So dirty dozen...Get to it! You have until Friday July 27th no later than 11:59 pm Est  to email your best picture of your work to

If you do not send me a project or send it late I will automatically put out your torch! It's not fair to the others who make something to possibly get the boot! I will still post the projects for everyone to see and comment on but no voting will take place!!

Don't forget I will be posting the first Immunity Challenge on Monday July 16! And if you are not part of the "dirty dozen" don't worry! You will be the ones voting via poll for our immunity winner!

If anyone has any questions please comment or email me:

Can't wait to see what Season #1 creates!!!

Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. Oh beach theme this sounds like lots of fun. I cant await and I'm so happy the first season has kicked off. :-)

  2. Oh had me worried there for a minute! I was really wondering what the heck anyone could make from sticks, rope and Stickles!! Look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with...such fun!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I was kind of excited when I read sticks, rope and stickles! lol Come on admit it you like seeing those reality players tortured! Just kidding! :-)

    Precious Hugs