Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a secret....

Hello everyone!

I have been sitting in my hut here on the Island for awhile now debating something. I have a secret... To some it may not seem like a big deal but to me this is HUGE!

I have to admit when I first put Paper Craft Island together I had been thinking about it for about a year. But I'm a chicken...YES...That's right...A BIG CHICKEN! I was so worried that people would think this was a silly stupid idea that I wasn't sure I even wanted to go forward with it.

After a whole lot of thought I decided to do it. Go for it..But in a cowardly way. I LOVED the idea of this being anonymous...completely anonymous...and figured this was my best way to get it out there and if people laughed or thought it silly I could hide behind the anonymous veil. Well then I realized I needed to get on Facebook if I wanted this idea to work. Social media really is the way to get things out there but wouldn't you know it...Facebook would NOT let me name myself PaperCraft Island. So what's a chicken...errrr...girl to do? Next best thing...Create a pseudonym. So Jane Smith was born..And I gotta say I'm surprised more of you haven't questioned that!

Everything was going great and then I realized I needed to get sponsors. Well this has proven a bit of a challenge. Maybe it's because its CHA time...Maybe because no one knows me...Oh no...What if that's it...What if my anonymity is costing my big idea in the long run?

So here's my big secret..Some of you already know me...some of you don't...But I want you to know who is behind this! My name is Kimi Cremar. You may know the blog I share with my wonderful Mom (Pamela Lash) - LoveBug Creations.

So there it is...Secret is out...and I do feel a bit better...(I think)

To the "Dirty Dozen" - Have no fears...Just because I came outta the hut (so to speak!) does NOT mean I will reveal who you are! That is still a MAJOR part of this. But I thought everyone deserved to know who I was! I hope you all understand why I have done this and I hope that the enthusiasum continues! And who knows....maybe now I might hear back from some people.. :)

I want you all to know that as of now I have 2 very wonderful sponsors and I will post who they are and what they are donating to the grand prize winner tomorrow! Also as I continue to find more I will update the list!
So until then...

Hugs from (Kimi) the Island ♥


  1. I am sooo glad for you!! This is such a GREAT idea and I only see it getting bigger. Other crafters will catch on and probably incorporate this idea some how. I'm super proud of you!!!


  2. woohoo!!!! Good going Kimi!!!! This is going to be so much fun and a huge success!

  3. Oh dear Kim! Never be afraid of your hope, wishes or dreams. Always go big. You can do it and I have faith in ya. I love love this idea. This is awesome and I cant wait to see what the future holds for you. AJ~

  4. Congrats on stepping out the hut! Many blessings on achieving your dreams!!! Keep dreaming BIG!

  5. Kim, this is suuuuch a fantastic fun idea! I am sure it will be a big success for you :O) Glad to know who the genious is now!!

  6. So happy you can now step out on the sand & wiggle your toes! Been following your mom for years.

  7. I think this is a fabulous idea...but I understand you chickenness:) Only my hubby and MIL and SIL know about my blog, none of my friends or family know. Didn't want them to check it out and maybe laugh:) Good for you on being brave.

  8. Oh you silly girl, of COURSE this is a fantastic idea! But I certainly understand your reticence ... sometimes we are our own harshest critics and self-doubters. Do you remember that book from long, long ago (1988, heck you probably weren't even born yet!!) by Robert Fulghum, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"? In that book, he writes of the unflinching risk-taking young children take in life, love, etc., made easier because they have not yet allowed themselves to be judgmental. It ought to be required reading on the Island!! And true enough, I also learned to color and use scissors in kindergarten (and passed!!). I look forward to visiting Paper Craft Island to see what the "Dirty Dozen" is up to marooned there in their Imagination Caves. Will there be group immunity as well as individual immunity, and is Jeff Probst somehow involved, LOL?? Actually, I think your idea is far better than "Craft Wars". OH Thankfully, I just thought about something. What if you aren't really Kimi, but are really Tori Spelling!? Oh gosh, zip my lips, no more criticism from me. I hope you find willing sponsors to row out with some goodies for those deserted, LOL. Have fun!!

    P.S. -- Will we EVER know who was on the Island, e.g., at the end of the Season? I think this would make a great story in a crafting magazine, I hope you're journaling about it!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  9. I did wonder about your name for a second or two, until I thought of my daughter whose last name is now Smith. . . As for your idea, I think it is marvelous!

  10. This is such a fantastic idea and I so agree with what Ellen said! Adults can be so hard on themselves and others but I also think that most crafters are very supportive and if they aren't then forget about 'em. lol

    I love reality shows and when they can also involve our love of crafting what could be better?? Yeah Kimi you go girl!!

    I also wasn't too sure about your name but with the concept of keeping the Dirty Dozen secret I thought maybe you too wanted to be kept secret until the end.

    Good Luck to the "Dirty Dozen" on their projects tomorrow!!

    Precious Hugs