Saturday, July 21, 2012

Immunity Challenge #1~ Postcards from the Island

***If you are looking for the Reward Challenge Info please click HERE!!! ***

Good Morning sleepy-heads!!! It's rather early (or late depending on how you look at it) here on the Island. But I am so excited to be posting the projects from the VERY FIRST Immunity Challenge here on the Island! I'm like a crafter on Christmas who just received a Cameo (I really want a Cameo...LOL)

Now remember that the Dirty Dozen was NOT REQUIRED to do the Immunity Challenge. It was left up to them to decide if they wanted a chance to win the Immunity Idol and be safe from this weeks eviction! The challenge this time was to make a post card from the Island!!! Out of 12 I had 9 decide to participate and I couldn't be happier! Now it's up to you to decide which crafter deserves to be safe this week and stay on the Island! They MUST make a project for the BIG Challenge in order for their Immunity to work! But it's up to you to vote and save one from the dreaded Tribal Counsel!

To vote look towards the top right side of the blog! You will see a couple polls there with the numbers that correspond with the photos below! For some reason I couldn't get it to let me add more to one so I had to split it up! Make sure you click the right number of your choice!! Please only vote once! You need to pick the project you like the best!!! Voting will start NOW and go until Sunday July 22 at 11:59 pm EST! At that point the project with the most votes will win Immunity and as long as they turn in their project on time will NOT be able to be eliminated! So choose wisely! Although it's gonna be tough because they all did an AMAZING job!!!



#3 (2 pictures..front/back!)







Pretty great job, huh? Please take a second to vote for your favorite on the poll on the side of the blog!!! I will announce the Immunity Winner Monday morning!!!!

Until then...

Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. Hi, new follower sent over from Ellen (CardMonkey)...this sounds like fun! Fabulous creations by all the islanders!
    Jessica S

  2. I'm really having fun following along! Great job by all the islanders!

  3. This is a wonderful selection of craftiness - sitting on the beach watching the talent!

  4. WOW!!! Too hard to choose!! Great job to everyone!!

  5. Oh lordie this was hard. I finally had to concede to the hubby and ask his opinion LOL. I am LOVING this game and I am definitely getting some friends to join the island!!

  6. This is so fun! Great job by everyone cant wait to see the winner. TFS AJ~

  7. Wow you all did such a great job which made it very hard to vote!!

    Precious Hugs

  8. I just joined your blog. Ellen from cardmonkey sent me!

  9. Referred by Ellen(cardmonkey) this sounds like a fun idea can't wait for more challenges and more seasons

  10. Ellen - CardMonkey sent me. Love the projects!

  11. send over from the paper jungle (card monkey)

  12. new follower - sent by Ellen - cardmonkey

  13. I love this. New follower and I was sent by Ellen-Cardmonkey!!

  14. Oh my gosh...these are great! How to decide.....