Saturday, September 29, 2012

Immunity Projects revealed!

Hello Islanders!!! It's Immunity Voting day and one of these 3 is hoping you will save them! Poll is located in the top right corner! Please only vote once! Voting will end Sunday Sept 30 at 11:59 pm EST and I will announce our winner on Monday!!!

The stranded crafters were asked to make a survivor style flag, create a tribe name, & only use 3 colors or shades of their colors! Tough Challenge but all 3 did AMAZING!!! Here they are...



Some pretty clever projects if you ask me!! Now go vote for your favorite!!!! :)
Until Monday..
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, September 24, 2012

1st Torch Put Out & Immunity Challenge!

Ok everyone...In just a few minutes I will reveal the vote and our first contestant will have their torch put out. It's sad to see anyone leave the Island but it's the name of the game! So here goes nothing...The votes came in as follows...



So it was a tie! The Immunity Winner voted and choose...
So #2 I am sorry to see you go! You have been an amazing player and I loved your projects! Its amazing to see what someone can do with a challenge and have it be so different! There are many things I have wanted to learn from seeing what you have accomplished! So leave this Island with your head held high! You are talented!

All that said we had 20 votes for fan favorite and our winner had 7 of those votes! So great job goes to #1...

What a gorgeous project! :)
Now on to your next Immunity Challenge... This will be due by Friday Sept. 28 by 11:59 pm EST. if you choose to do it!
In light of Survivor starting I want you to come up with a crafty tribe name! Make a flag showcasing your clever name as well as embellish it! You can pick 3 colors for your project but only 3 colors! Shades are acceptable!!! If you'd like you can use a full 12x12 page to make your tribal flag or you can use anything else. It's up to you! :) Good luck everyone!!!
I'll be editing this post tonight to let you know who has been voted out!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Big Challenge #5~ Projects Revealed

Oh my goodness, Islanders... I am over the moon excited right now! Want to know why... Well for the 1st time all 6 projects were turned in and we will have our very first tribal council! Only fitting since the real "Survivor" started this week! I know it probably sounds just awful that I'm so excited about this. I mean after all it means losing one of my players....but it's the name of the game!

So Immunity really was worth something this week! Here is our Immunity Winner's Project!
Choice A
And here are the projects that are up for elimination!!!




Ok now here's how this will work. For my 6- All of you (except Immunity Winner) will need to email me ( and let me know which project # you would like to vote off. You have until Sunday Sept 23 at 11:59 pm est to do so! I will tally the votes and reveal whose torch will be put out on Monday! Should there be a tie the Immunity Winner will be the tie breaker! And remember...Someone has to go...It does NOT mean your project wasnt fabulous...because I think all of these are!!! It's just a game! :)
For everyone else: I still want to know which project is your favorite! Same as always there will be a poll on the top left until Sunday Sept 23 at 11:59 pm for you to vote as well. The winner will not be receiving a prize this week but I'm still curious as to what you guys think!!!
So here goes nothing...
Until Monday...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Challenge Theme #6- Season 1 & REWARD WINNER!!!!

Good morning, everyone!!! First off I would like to thank those that joined the reward challenge this week!! We have a winner....and the winner is....

Congrats Tanya!!!! :) I'll get ahold of you to get your prize!!!
Now on to the next Big Challenge!!!
Here on the Island we are BIG TIME Steelers Fans! Literally almost every person in my family roots for Pittsburgh! And as football season is upon us I wanna see some football team color projects! So pick a team...use their colors and make whatever your crafty little heart desires! Your project must also have some sort of ribbon on it & at least 4 buttons! :) Have fun and don't forget to let me know what team you picked!
Good Luck! This project is due Friday October 5, 2012 by 11:59 pm EST.
Now don't forget that your "Sewing" project is due tonight (Sept 21) by 11:59 pm EST! No project and your torch will be put out! I will post the projects Saturday Sept 22 and hopeful a "real" vote will take place! Good luck everyone!!!
Until then,
Hugs from the Island ♥ 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Survivor Reward Challenge (TIME SENSITIVE!)

Hey everyone!!! Do you know what today is??? Today is the season premier of "Survivor Philippines" !!! WHOO HOO!!! So in honor of it I am hosting a reward challenge open to everyone but it is TIME SENSITIVE!!!!

You have from right this very moment until 8 pm est tonight to go HERE and check out the cast for this seasons Survivor!!!
Leave me a comment on this post on who you think will be the first to have their torch put out! Any entries after 8 pm EST. tonight will NOT be counted!!!

If there is more then one person who guesses correctly I will draw a name out of a hat! Only fair way I can think of!!! EASY PEASY!! So what are you playing for? A lil something crafty from me!!! So I hope some of you will enter this very easy reward challenge!!! Can't wait to watch and see what happens!!!!

Until next time...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, September 17, 2012

And the idol goes to...

Another great week of voting! Thank you to all of you that continue to vote and for our wonderful players who continue to make fabulous projects!!!! You all do an amazing job!!!
The winner this week had a total of 17 out of 32 congrats goes to....

Congrats #1

And I can't say what those 2 other projects were all about but what a close vote... 9-8...and the one with the most votes was Choice A!
Now don't forget to turn your Big Challenge Projects in by Friday Sept 14 at 11:59 pm est! I'll post them Saturday!!! Can't wait to see em...
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Immunity is up for grabs!!!!

Good Morning, Islanders! It's Immunity Project voting day!! Whoo hoo!!! This week I gave the 6 the challenge of making a masculine card for either a birthday or anniversary using black,white, and one other color (or shades of!) and it had to have a moving part!!

When I stepped out of my hut I saw something fishy! 2 packages floating in the water towards me....hmmmm....What can they be???? So I've decided to share them with you...and if you'll notice the polls on the top right page there are 2 different ones. One labeled "something fishy" and one for the Immunity Challenge! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ON BOTH POLLS!!!!


(Truck Wobbles)
Pretty cool, huh? So which one is your favorite??? Make sure you vote!!! :)
Now on to our regular Immunity Challenge! Who will you save this week???
(Heart Wobbles)
(gear spins when card opens!)
I just love how they are all given the same challenge and yet every one is soooo different and unique and beautiful! I think they all did a fabulous job!!!
Voting starts now and goes until Sunday Sept 16 at 11:59 pm EST! I will post the winner on Monday and say a little prayer that all 6 turn in their projects and we have a real vote!!! :)
So until then...
hugs from the Island ♥

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Immunity Addition...

Hello Islanders! I wanted to pop in real quick to let the 6 know I have something to add that I should have in the regular Immunity Post. Don't freak out if your project is already done! I'm NOT changing anything about the project! I just wanted to let you all know if you would like to submit a video this week it is perfectly acceptable. It will help to showcase the movement of your project! HOWEVER it is NOT mandatory to do so! Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone that may want to! If you do you MUST NOT SPEAK in the video. You must have a plain background so no one can guess from that who you are! 10 secs or so would be great. Nothing extensive... Just a little quick shot of whats moving!
So yet again...if you WANT it! If you don't a photo is perfectly fine! :)

If any of you have any questions feel free to email me!!!

Don't forget that your projects are due Friday Sept 14 by 11:59 pm EST! :)

Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Favorite & Immunity Challenge Theme

Good Morning Everyone!!! What another great weekend here on the Island. We had 6 amazing projects that all together got 38 votes!! WHOO HOO...And our winner had 15 of those votes!!! The winner is....

Congrats #5!!! I will be contacting you about your prize!!!
So it's a VERY Important week here on the Island. I can see something a ways off....Can you see it too?
Looks like love is in the air!!! That's right ladies...This Wednesday is my husband's birthday AND our wedding anniversary!!! So I figured a great challenge (should you choose to do it!) is to make either a birthday or anniversary card for a man! Oh but if only it were going to be that simple, right? Your card must be black, white, and one other color of your choosing! Oh and did I mention that it also must have something on it that moves? Hehehe..Couldn't make it too easy for you! ;)
Good luck! If you choose to do this project it will need to be turned in by this Friday (September 14th) no later then 11:59 PM EST! All of the elements I've asked for must be included or I will NOT post your project!
So until then...
hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Challenge #4~ Projects Revealed

Morning Islanders....
The view of the Island today is the same as it has been every 2 weeks... Another torch disappeared into the night..

However we still have 6 wonderful projects to share! And while we are at it we might as well vote for our favorite! So the polls will be up top! Please only vote on one poll or the other and only vote once! Voting will end at 11:59 pm Sunday September 9! I will announce the winner on Monday morning and will send them a little something crafty from me! :)

And if you missed it here is the link to the post with your next challenge!

Here we go!

used- Markers, Scissors, Glue, Sock, and Antibacterial Wipes
Used- File Folder, Crayons, Paint

Used- Notebook paper, Pencils, Crayon
Used- Pencil Case, notebook, crayons, Kleenex, wipes, and baggies

Used- Scissors, Pencil, glue, paint

Used- Scissors, glue, crayons, sock, paint

And there ya have it... 6 completely different projects using the school supply list I gave them! How awesome and clever are these? So go...Vote for your favorite!!!
I'll announce the winner Monday!
Until then,
Hugs from the Island ♥

Friday, September 7, 2012

Big Challenge Theme #5- Season 1

Oh my golly goodness! How did it get so late? I always post these in the morning and maybe this cold still has my head clouded! I completely forgot! So please forgive me...

Here is your next BIG Challenge! This will be due by 11:59 pm EST on Friday September 21!

This is a combo challenge....Color and Theme. Make whatever you would like but you can only use Red, Orange, and Brown! Varying shades of these colors are ok but I don't want to see any pink! Also your project MUST have something to do with sewing! Stitching (faux or real), needles, threads, sewing name it...As long as it somehow links back to sewing you are good! :) This is in honor of National Sewing Month! :)

I can't wait to see your projects! I will be posting the projects from Big Challenge #4 in the morning and maybe...just maybe... there will be a real vote! Fingers crossed! :)

Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Monday, September 3, 2012

And Immunity goes to...

Hi everyone!

Another great week of votes! We had a total of 45 and the winner had 18 of those votes!

So congrats goes to...

YAY!!! So as long as you (#2) turn in your big project this Friday then you will be safe and can NOT be eliminated!! I really really hope all 7 of you turn in your projects this week so we can have a vote!
You have until 11:59 PM EST on Friday September 7 to turn in your projects! I will post them for Saturday morning for all to see and fingers crossed we have a Tribal Counsel!
So until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Day

Hey Islanders....

I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm keeping the voting going until 5 pm tomorrow (Monday Sept 3) because I'm sick and I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep. I will announce the winner tomorrow night! I hope thats ok with you all...I just don't have the energy to stay up tonight. Here's to tomorrow being a better day.

Hugs from the Island ♥

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Immunity is back up for grabs!!!

Good Morning my shipwrecked beach goers! It's that time again!!! Immunity is up for grabs! 4 out of 7 are battling it out for your vote to keep them safe! So whose project will win you over?
For this challenge I asked them to make an altered item and they could only use the colors red,black,white or any shade of. Let me tell you...I am AMAZED! This is going to be a tough vote! They all did awesome and I couldn't be more proud of them!
So here's the deal... Each photo has a # above it. There is a poll on the right top of the blog there is a poll with the corresponding #s! Please vote on your favorite! PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONCE! Voting will go from now until Sunday Sept. 2 at 11:59 pm! I will announce the winner Monday morning! So long as all 7 turn in a project this week whoever wins will be safe from elimination! And I REALLY want to see a vote happen! So fingers crossed (and maybe toes too since it hasn't happened yet!) Without further ado here are the projects!!!




See...Told ya!! AH-MAZE-ING!!!
Now that you've seen them please go vote for your favorite!!!
Good luck guys!!!
Hugs from the Island ♥