Monday, September 24, 2012

1st Torch Put Out & Immunity Challenge!

Ok everyone...In just a few minutes I will reveal the vote and our first contestant will have their torch put out. It's sad to see anyone leave the Island but it's the name of the game! So here goes nothing...The votes came in as follows...



So it was a tie! The Immunity Winner voted and choose...
So #2 I am sorry to see you go! You have been an amazing player and I loved your projects! Its amazing to see what someone can do with a challenge and have it be so different! There are many things I have wanted to learn from seeing what you have accomplished! So leave this Island with your head held high! You are talented!

All that said we had 20 votes for fan favorite and our winner had 7 of those votes! So great job goes to #1...

What a gorgeous project! :)
Now on to your next Immunity Challenge... This will be due by Friday Sept. 28 by 11:59 pm EST. if you choose to do it!
In light of Survivor starting I want you to come up with a crafty tribe name! Make a flag showcasing your clever name as well as embellish it! You can pick 3 colors for your project but only 3 colors! Shades are acceptable!!! If you'd like you can use a full 12x12 page to make your tribal flag or you can use anything else. It's up to you! :) Good luck everyone!!!
I'll be editing this post tonight to let you know who has been voted out!
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥

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