Saturday, September 15, 2012

Immunity is up for grabs!!!!

Good Morning, Islanders! It's Immunity Project voting day!! Whoo hoo!!! This week I gave the 6 the challenge of making a masculine card for either a birthday or anniversary using black,white, and one other color (or shades of!) and it had to have a moving part!!

When I stepped out of my hut I saw something fishy! 2 packages floating in the water towards me....hmmmm....What can they be???? So I've decided to share them with you...and if you'll notice the polls on the top right page there are 2 different ones. One labeled "something fishy" and one for the Immunity Challenge! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ON BOTH POLLS!!!!


(Truck Wobbles)
Pretty cool, huh? So which one is your favorite??? Make sure you vote!!! :)
Now on to our regular Immunity Challenge! Who will you save this week???
(Heart Wobbles)
(gear spins when card opens!)
I just love how they are all given the same challenge and yet every one is soooo different and unique and beautiful! I think they all did a fabulous job!!!
Voting starts now and goes until Sunday Sept 16 at 11:59 pm EST! I will post the winner on Monday and say a little prayer that all 6 turn in their projects and we have a real vote!!! :)
So until then...
hugs from the Island ♥

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  1. Awesome job to the shipwrecked on their immunity challenge