Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who will get the Idol this week?

Good Morning, Islanders!!! Who is going to win this?

 The challenge this week was based around my oldest daughter's birthday! She will be 10 on Aug 7! My how the time has flown! So I challenged this group to make a birthday card appropriate for a 10 year old girl!!! I'm so very happy to be sharing with you 8 projects for this weeks Immunity Challenge!!! I really hope the winner will get to benefit from it this time around! So here's the deal! I will post the photos below. Each one has a number on it! Up on the top right corner of the blog is two polls. Click on the corresponding number on the poll to vote! PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONCE! The owner of the project with the MOST votes will win Immunity and as long as she makes a project this week can NOT be voted off!!! Voting will go from now until Sunday Aug 5 at 11:59 PM EST. At that time should there be a tie for the most votes my birthday girl will decide the winner! :) Everyone did an amazing job so I have a feeling its going to be a close vote!!! Here we go...

Crazy Amazing, right? Its going to be a tough one!!! Good Luck to you all!!!

Also don't forget about the REWARD CHALLENGE!!! Everyone can enter and it goes until Sunday Aug 5 at 11:59 pm EST. Click HERE to go to that post and for where to link!!! :)

So until Monday...
              Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. Amazing job Everyone! It was so hard to pick.

  2. everyone did great! love all of them and I agree with sugarlips... it was definitely hard to keep. Having fun keeping track of what is going on here on the island!

  3. Wow!! They did awesome!! Hmm.. hard to pick just ONE!!

  4. All the cards are just beautiful, so hard to pick one so I voted for the card that looked most like I would make. Good luck everyone!!

  5. Wow, what talent - so gorgeous - kudos to ALL - this was definitely a tough pick!!