Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our First Torch-ee is Announced & a Crazy Immunity Challenge ♥

Well it was a difficult decision here on the Island but the votes are in...
Here's how they came out..
as you can see....a split vote! So what to do? Have the immunity winner make the tie-breaker vote! I do not envy her having to make this decision...But with a heavy heart she did and it's time to say good-bye to....
We shall miss you #2...
Or will we??? ;)
That's right folks! Redemption Island is back in play this season!!!
So #2 will have a chance to get back into the game!!!
Here is the LAST Immunity Challenge
(Which due to the late-ness of this post will be due
11:59 pm Eastern)
So Crafters (if you wish!) and Redemption Island players (no choice you must!)
here it is:
My little boy's 6th Birthday is May 11
He LOVES all things video game!
Make something for a birthday boy that incorporates
some kind of video game!
Oh..and did I mention..
He really likes the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Black...
So those are the ONLY colors you can use!
No variations.,..
The actual colors only.
Have fun!!!!
And since it's my little man's day guess what...
He will be picking the winner of Immunity
who gets to stay on Redemption Island!!!
I know...I'm a stinker, huh?
Have fun crafters/redemption players!
Can't wait to see what you make!!!
Until then
Hugs from the Island ♥

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  1. SO if the person on Redemption Island wins the Immunity challenge, then soes someone else go to Redemption Island? and does the one there stay with that person or does she come back to the main Island? I'm so confused. Will fan favorites still count?