Monday, May 20, 2013

Another crafter gets torched!

Good evening everyone! Sorry for the delay! It's been crazy hectic in my hut here lately! So lets get to it...
By a vote of 2-1 (immunity winner's vote does not count as there wasn't a tie!)
The crafter who will be leaving the main Island is...

We are sad to see #2 go...
She's going to redemption!
Her and the crafter who won the last battle will now battle it out head to head to see who can survive and come back to Island in our finals!
So for these 2 the challenge this week (due Saturday (May 25) night by 11:59 pm EASTERN)
is simply this...
With memorial day coming up I'd like to see a red, white, and blue layout honoring those who have given their all for this country!
There must be stars and an eagle OR flag somewhere on the layout!
Good luck ladies!!!
The remaining crafters have this week off!
BUT I will have them vote on who to bring back!!
Good luck ladies!!!
Until then...
hugs from the Island ♥

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