Monday, July 1, 2013

We have a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry this is soooo late everyone!!!
The day got away from me!
But I am soooo happy to announce our winner!!!
But before I do..
In my book all 3 of these ladies are winners!
They all did a FABULOUS job and I'm super proud of them!!
Literally the vote was separate by 1 for first place...It was that close!!
But I am SOOOO happy to announce...
Linda Hoffman is our winner!!!
Great job, Linda!!!
I will get with you about your prize!!! :)
And here are the final projects from our other 2 "winners"!!!!
Ellen J

Melissa V
You two are not walking away empty handed!!
Prizes all around!!! :)
Thanks again to everyone who participated this season!!
Wouldn't be the same without you!!!
Til next time...
Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. Congratulations to Linda, and to Mel, to a well-played season! Linda, you've outcrafted, outdesigned and outplayed, nicely done. Let's go get some margaritas to celebrate!

    Ellen (CardMonkey

  2. Way to go ladies!!! Linda, Ellen and of course Paper Craft Island thank you so much for an incredible season of challenges. What a wonderful way to really explore and step out of our creative limits. I look forward to Season 3. So, with that Congratulations on your well deserved win Linda and on a game well played to both Linda And Ellen.
    BIG Hugs,

  3. Congrats Linda and to Ellen and Mel and all the other crafty ladies who participated - it was a marvelous season of glorious projects!!

  4. Wow! Thank you! I am honored to have won as there were some fabulous projects from all the contestants!

    Congratulations to Ellen and Mel too! I especially liked both of your layouts in the final round!

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards. :)

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  6. Will there be a season 3 ? The new Survivor is about to air on TV.