Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Challenge #2 and NEXT Big Challenge Revealed ♥

Good morning Islanders!!!
It's that time again... Time to reveal the Big Challenge Projects!
This time around our crafty crew had to create a "Prom" themed challenge and use the colors blue, green, and pink as well as somehow incorporate music into it!
The ladies did an amazing job!!!! Every one is so different and so pretty!
Normally we would be voting to eliminate someone from the competition...
sadly yet again this week we will NOT be...
Seems another crafter has been swept out to sea and has not been heard from!
I think the winner of this round ought to get something for their hard work.... SO... We will have another fan favorite competition! To vote for which project you like the most please leave a comment with the # of your choice!
The Fan Favorite Winner will win an immunity advantage of 3 extra votes in the next immunity challenge! It could be a game changer (well....assuming my 5 lovely crafters hang around and don't wander off!!!)
So here are their projects! Remember to vote for your favorite!!!




See....Absolutely lovely!!!!
So PLEASE go vote for your favorite to win the extra votes in the next immunity challenge!!!
And now....
The next BIG Challenge....

This one I think is going to be fun!!!!
I want you each to go back through this blog and pick a project that was made during Season #1 and recreate it!
Put your own spin on it!
You may pick any project but PLEASE make sure you send me a photo of the original and of your recreated one!

Good luck! This project is due Friday May 3 by 11:59 pm est!
I really can't wait to see what you fabulous 5 will do!!!

So come back Monday to find out who won
"Fan Favorite"
Find out the next immunity project!!

Until then....
Hugs from the Island ♥