Saturday, April 6, 2013

1st Big projects are up & someone(s) gone MIA!!!

Hi there everyone! Thanks for coming back to check out the AMAZING islanders Big Challenge Projects!!! I am simply stunned by how well they did with their first challenge!!!

For this one they had to make something to do with a birthday (as I have a BIG one coming up next week!) It had to include a Palm Tree and 3 buttons!!

Here is what our Immunity Winner from last week made...
How awesome is this explosion box? WOWZAA!!!
Ok on to the ones battling it out....each is soooo different and fabulous!! ♥

Like I said....Amazing...
Ok... Now on to the vote... If you counted along there are only 6 projects...
There were 8 on the island...
So...We've lost 2...
I hope they aren't lost out to sea...
There were some canoes missing so maybe they are sight seeing??
Either way...
All 6 remaining Islanders are safe for 2 more weeks!
But I LOVE seeing who you guys like the most...
So go ahead and leave your fan favorite in the comments.
If our Immunity Winner's project is your favorite comment with Immunity Winner..Otherwise please use the # above each project!
And don't forget to check back on Monday April 8th when I announce the NEXT Immunity project!!! It's gonna be a good one :)
Until then...
Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. This is hard! it's probably a tie between #1 & immunity winner! Great projects ladies. Hope the missing-at-sea ladies get rescued!

  2. These are all fantastic projects! How does one choose a favorite?

  3. As everyone who knows me, a day late, and a dollar short could some up some parts of my life! I am NOW aware the 2nd Paper Craft Island challenge somehow, started without me knowing!!! ! I participated last year and proud to say I came in 2nd behind the fabulous Card Monkey, she's incredibly talented, and beyond that with her copics!!!!
    Beyond the second place win, I never expected to get halfway through (secretly, that was one goal, the other was to meet the deadline!). I managed to get every project in before the post went live, keeping me in the game week after week. It's an exciting challenge! Enjoy the journey on the island! Looking forward to the next post in which I can vote! First projects are awesome, i would have had a really hard time choosing! Although, I do love making explosion boxes!!! Quick and thoughtful gift! Donna