Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thanksgiving projects revealed!!!!!!!!

First of all I MUST say I am super glad I am not in the position my final 3 are in. This week they truly amazed me. These projects are all gorgeous and to think they did this with less time then normal PLUS had to send me different photos every day! WOW! I'm in awe... Good Luck to all 3 of you...this is gonna be TOUGH!

So the following are this weeks projects. We will (as always) do a fan favorite poll on the side just for fun! Pick which # is your favorite and vote away! Voting goes from NOW until 11:59 pm EST on Sunday October 28! Since there are only 3 if we have a tie (as in they all get 1 vote) then the fan favorite's vote will be the decision maker.. So here they are...



See what I mean....WOW...I'd like to eat dinner at any of their houses (assuming they all cook as well as they craft ;)
That's not all
2 more mystery bottles floated up to the Island this week...Each had a thanksgiving card and a matching layout it in...
So which one do you like best? There are only 2 but multiple photos so pay attention. Pick your favorite and vote in the "fishy poll" up top!! :)

Fishy #1

Fishy #2
Alright Final 3... Make you decision and email me asap with who you'd like to vote out...and don't forget EVERYONE to vote on the Fan Favorite AND the Fishy Poll!!!
I'll post the results Monday morning!
Until then....
hugs from the Island ♥


  1. All the projects are amazing. Great job Everyone!!

  2. #2 in Thanksgiving center pieces =)