Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another member voted out....

Well it's been a CRAZY week here on the Island and it looks like because of Sandy it's only going to get worse!!! To everyone on the East Coast please be careful and know we are all praying for your safety!!

After the silly voting Mix Up I can say we have a clear Fan Favorite...and that was...
#2 with 17 out of 26 votes!!! HOWEVER...at Tribal Council #2's torch was put out!
What a sad day on the Island! But all is not lost....yet...

Our Fishy winner with 14 of 26 votes was...

Congrats #1...
And on to some MORE news... What would the real "Survivor" be without it's Redemption Island??? Well we've had our own version going on here... 2nd Chance Island... Where previously eliminated Islanders got to battle each other to see who could win and come back into the main challenge!
So Both #2 and Fishy #1 will battle this week and one of them will make it back onto the Island for the Final Challenge!!! So this Saturday (unless Sandy has her say!) we will have the final fishy vote and you (the public) will choose who will make it back into the game!!!
It will be a very important vote therefore I do NOT want to run into poll problems so we will do the email votes again! I will post the photos (as long as I can and they both could participate)
Therefore: Final 2... You have the week off!!! :)
Lucky ladies!!!
So until Saturday...
Stay Safe..
Hugs from the Island ♥ 


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