Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Challenge Theme #8

Good Morning everyone!!! It's that time again...Time to announce your next challenge...Now if you'll remember correctly tho we didn't have "Immunity" this week I said the winner would win a BIG advantage... Well here it is.. The winner from last weeks "What used to be Immunity" Challenge got to set the Big Challenge for you guys! not only did this person get to come up with the challenge but they got a head start on you guys...and after seeing what this person came up with...well...Time alone was a blessing!!!

So here it is:

Dear Castaways,

Your numbers are dwindling but you are ever thankful that you have been able to survive the harsh conditions on the island so far. You have decided to host a dinner to celebrate your gratitude, and remember that the American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches. Your PCI challenge this week is to create Thanksgiving holiday table decor of some sort for your festive dinner table. It does NOT have to be a centerpiece ... it can be anything you could find on a Thanksgiving holiday table.

It MUST include (or you face disqualification) the following items:
  • the word: thank or some derivative of the word (thanksgiving, thanks, thankful, thanking, etc.);
  • the color: orange (or any shade of orange, lighter to peach, or darker to rust), along with any other colors (no limit) of your choosing;
  • the supply: actual twine, string, jute or hemp - (not painted/drawn or depicted on paper)
  • the shape: at least one leaf in any medium (real, paper, painted, etc.)
A photograph of your project must be submitted to our host by Friday, October 26 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern, or your torch will be automatically snuffed. 
Good Luck!

Well there you have it!!! Get to working on those Thanksgiving Table projects!!!!
Don't forget this weeks Big Challenge ( Spooky Halloween or Color Challenge) is due to me by 11:59 pm EST tonight or you will have your torch put out!!!!
I'll post the projects Saturday and the vote will be on!!!!

Until then....
Hugs from the Island ♥

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