Friday, March 29, 2013

And the Battle Begins....

Hello everyone!!! I'm soooo excited to share the very first Immunity Projects with you all!! The ladies here on the island did an awesome job! It's anybody's for the taking!

First I want you all to know how we are going to do voting this time around. I had multiple issues last time so I think this will be the best way. I've set the comments to moderate so to vote just comment with your # choice to win immunity! I will approve the comments before I post the winner so there isn't any undue influence! ;)

Those of you competing... You are allowed (and encouraged to vote!) however...You are NOT allowed to vote for yourself... So choose wisely...Because the winner will be safe from elimination (so long as they turn their project in on time!)

The competitors had to make a sign for their hut using some kind of wooden element on it!! So lets get to it... Here they are in NO particular order...

Don't forget to comment with your choice for our first Immunity Winner of Season #2!!!
And those of you competing...
Your Big Challenge Project is Due NO later then 11:59 pm Friday April 5!
Since there is only a week for this one and it is the first one I will be easy on you...
My birthday is coming up (April 10!) so make whatever you want to celebrate a birthday... Oh...and it must include a palm tree....and 3 buttons ;)
Couldn't be too easy...
Oh and one more thing...
Can't wait to see what you make!
I will announce the Immunity Winner here on Monday!!!
Good luck, Islanders!!
Until next time...
Hugs from the Island ♥


  1. My pick for immunity is #2. Well done, islanders!

    Ellen (CardMonkey)

  2. Wow! Season 2 has started off with a bang! There are 5 awesome projects, makes choosing difficult! My vote is for #1

  3. #2 is screaming for me to LOVE

  4. They are also so creative and cute! But I will go with #2 because I like the colors, distressed background and use of the various objects/embellishments!

  5. Everyone did a great job but I'm going to have to vote for #2

  6. They are all wonderful! Each so unique! But I am partial to number 3 because of those darling little pirates and pretty sea shells!

  7. I vote for number 2!